Damian Stamer


Bed, 2012-2014

This piece of artwork by Damian Stamer exhibits an old farmhouse in a state of ramshackle. Almost as if abandoned and forgotten, the haunting scene of the house seems to me as if it may represent eroding memories. A once fond and clear memory of a large farmhouse, either viewed or visited, may have been disrupted by the aging of the mind or even forcibly pushed to the back and forgotten. The tumultuous landscape around the house also accentuates the idea of abrading memories, and may lead the viewer to infer that a specific circumstance, or series of circumstances, may have lead to degradation of both the memory and the actual house itself.  The drips of water and slathers of paint within the piece also present not only physical distortions, but may be symbolizing that the memory is becoming warped in the brain and it is becoming harder and harder to recall the original image- almost as if the memory was becoming so faint that it no longer matter if it was ruined. This piece has a sort of Dorothy in Kansas after the big tornado feel, and the longer she travels through the land of Oz, the less she can remember of her home.

Picture: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/damian-stamer-bed


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