Damian Stamer


Little River 3, 2013. Oil on panel.

This painting is chaotic, messy, and almost indistinguishable. I think that is an accurate representation of the land. I was tempted to choose a Damian Stamer painting that showed tranquility and peace, but then I was reminded of the floods that occurred in Asheville about 13 years ago. The floods were a part of the aftermath of a hurricane (I believe it was Hurricane Frances). I remember going down to the River Arts District with my mom. We parked on Chicken Hill and observed the wreckage that was happening down the valley. The water was angry and loud and fast. Buildings were at least 5 feet deep with water, and cars were turned over. Little River 3 shows that chaos. Even the colors are representative of the dirty French Broad River water that was racing through building doors and windows. On the top right corner of the painting, there is a small evidence of blue sky. Like there is an opportunity for light and calmness at the end of the storm. Those blue skies came after the hurricane, along with regrowth and peace.



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