Damian Stamer

Damian Stamer, Back Where I Come From, 2013; oil on panel.

I chose this work because it evokes a sense of surrealism, almost a dream like state, from me.  It is not like Dali’s version of surreal, but more as though someone captured a brief snippet of a dream before falling back asleep.  The splash of neon color imitates a sort of California city aesthetic, mimicking the lights one sees at two in the morning when sleep evades them.  Although the viewer is looking out a window, they only see a select portion of the sky.  This limited view plays into the dream-like view, when one cannot grasp at what they just thought and are forced to remember only a small portion.  It reminds me of contemplation, of staring into the distance wondering how you got to this point in time and where you will go from here.  I feel as though I am standing in a graffiti covered warehouse in the middle of an existential crisis.


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