Damian Stamer



This piece by Stamer immediately intrigued me. At first glance, it feels like pure chaos, like maybe it’s an abandoned home that’s been trashed and overgrown or it’s the aftermath of a storm or a tornado.. Whatever the case may be, among the vast amount of destruction and emphasis on dark colors — mainly browns and blacks — there stands a pop of green in the top right corner. With a closer look, you can see that it’s the leaves of a house plant or a tree. Everything else in the room is destroyed, yet the leaves are green as though they are thriving. To me, it gives the painting a sense of hope beyond the rubble.. A feeling of new life and beginnings.. Or possibly it’s a testament to the fact that nature will stand the test of time when all else crumbles. Either way, the way it hugs the corners of the painting envelopes it with a sense that everything is okay.


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