Hudson River School

Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks, 1838 - Thomas Cole

“Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks” by Thomas Cole


I chose this painting because I am truly drawn to the mountains, their expansiveness, and how they can be captured so many different ways.  In this case, the painter also captures the beauty of fall colors.  I think regardless of the location, everything is lovely in the fall.  This view is in no way as spectacular as the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it still evokes a sense of being small.  Mountains humble people because it makes us realize there are bigger things than us in life.  We try so hard to be “big” not necessarily in size but in importance and how we are seen.  The mountains do not try, yet they are some of the most renowned structures on this Earth.  They remind us to exist in our natural beauty and enjoy it, because the Universe sees no difference between a human and a mountain.  We are equally as relevant or irrelevant.


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