Hudson River School


The Four Elements – Catskill Mountain House, by Thomas Cole

I really love this piece by Thomas Cole. The warm colors used make it feel like it is fall wherever this is, which is my favorite season. Plus, that little man is wearing a tiny sweater. I wonder what he is thinking about and why he is there, but whatever it may be, he chose a beautiful spot in the mountains to go mull things over. There are a lot of dead/fallen trees on his side of the water, and he is looking out to a more lively side of the river, which makes me feel like he could either have some dark thoughts, or be thinking about getting himself to a better place! The title is also “The Four Elements”, which we do see (Earth, Air, Fire (maybe thats why the trees are dead), and Water), so maybe Cole just wants the viewer to recognize that this little man is in the center of everything that is essential to life. Hopefully someone joins him eventually!


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