Hudson River School


Kaaterskill Falls – Thomas Cole

‘Kaaterskill Falls’ truly feels so close to home. There are aspects highlighted so beautifully In this painting that I, too, love about the mountains. For example, the way that the view of the sunset curves with the Ridgeline, enveloping you in a sense of security and depth..

This view, specifically, reminds me of Glen Falls in Highlands, NC. It’s a long Waterfall that  has a very well hidden cave near its base. When I hiked there, it began to rain suddenly so I used the cave as a hideaway until the storm passed. When it did, I was greeted with a view much like the one pictured here. The sky had dark thick clouds, just as above, but the brightness and hue of the sunset contrasted it beautifully.

I can hear the pattern of this Waterfall and I can feel the dampness of this cave. I love that this piece takes me to that place.


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