The Rocky Mountains Lander’s Peak by Albert Bierstadt


So before I chose the painting to respond to I first tried to find a spot I’d most like to be myself. Somewhere I’d sit right down and set up shop. I found exactly that in this piece, I see nearly everything on my landscape checklist, we’ve got mountains to surround me and make me feel at home. Clean water and expansive land for me to start farming. As a bonus, in this moment, I’m surrounded by friends and family. Now obviously this is depicting most likely some nomadic native american tribe whose only here for the moment; but I’ll put my own spin on that and say its offering me a sense of change or movement. I’ve always moved around and never stayed still in one place and I hate having the same job day in and day out so I feel I relate to the people in the painting which makes me appreciate it even more. Aesthetically it’s nicely balanced with the tanning rack filling in the only empty space in the bottom left corner. The depth given my the sunlight on the water fall gives a sense of.. more? Like if I swam down that lake and hooked right I could keep following the river upstream. Overall the entire group of painters at the Hudson River School blew me away, they were all beautiful landscapes but if I had to pick one artist that consistently captured what I wanted to see I’d choose Albert Bierstadt.


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