Timothy O’Sullivan


Iceberg Canyon

This photograph reminds me of Arizona, even though it was taken in Utah. When I was little my dad lived on a ranch out in AZ. He is a Cuban guy from Miami who had never ridden a horse, but one day he decided he wanted to be a rancher out west. So he moved to AZ, bought a horse, and got a job riding around the desert checking water towers. I spent part of the year with him and he would strap me onto his saddle and we would ride around the desert checking water towers. The Arizona mountains were dry and hard and ragged, similar to the terrain in this photograph. There is something about the desert that feels very open and bare, even if you are in the mountains. I think this photo shows that. Despite the jagged mountains, you can still see deep into the valley. The man sitting in the photograph also reminds me of my dad. I always thought my dad was probably lonely in the desert when I was not there, and the man in the photo looks lonely.

This photograph also shows the stillness and quietness of the desert. The desert can be really boring… until its not. I say that because once my dad and I were riding around and a snake slithered somewhere nearby. The horse we were on (her name was Freckles) freaked out and took off, leaving my dad and I behind. We ended up having to walk back to the house in the blistering heat and overall it was a pretty crappy experience. The guy in the photo better be careful. Maybe there is a snake slithering in those rocks.


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