Andy Goldsworthy


Sycamore leaves edging the roots of a sycamore tree, Hampshire, 1 November 2013 Andy Goldsworthy

Who said this was okay. Who gave this man the right to realize how to create art magic in the most inexpensive way. I love his art so much already, and I just now started looking at his works; I love it so much I am angry as an artist. It makes you pause and look at his natural works as a fellow creative mind and think “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!” Its like the same inspiration that struck him was hiding right under our noses this entire time– literally. I am frustrated with the amount of excitement I get looking at his works with trees and leaves; they are so breath-takingly gorgeous, yet so unbelievably inexpensive and relatively simple to create.

I love this picture in particular because it looks so real– and it is real. It looks like the ground is glowing with magic as the sycamore roots soak into the ground. It takes my breath away with the effect of the golden gradient on the eyes; it fools our brains into seeing the glowing effect as if it were computer-generated graphical effects. But its JUST. LEAVES. That blows my mind, yet makes complete sense.

“Sublime” is the word for beauty that is nearly too immense to comprehend.
Is there a word for beauty so intense that it arouses the senses to the point of feeling so overwhelmed with excitement that the viewer becomes angry just to be able to process or express the power of the impression? That’s what Goldworthy’s art instills in me. I will forever be an envious fan from now on.


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