Andy Goldsworthy

Image result for andy goldsworthy art

Andy Goldsworthy/ Abrams. Curved sticks surround a river boulder in Woody Creek, Colo. (Sept. 16)


Upon looking up Andy Goldsworthy, I was instantly speechless and breathless. I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing.  His art is truly inspiring how he doesn’t destroy the land, but rather uses it and manipulates its natural features to make a whole new image.  I was in awe at the circular patterns he uses so much and how he achieves them. This picture spoke to me because he not only used water and earth, but he also did so by leaving two elements, the rock and water, where they originally were.  The bent sticks, so graceful and symmetrical act like ripples or Saturn’s rings around the rocks.  I can’t even describe how inspiring and breathtaking this art is, to take an already beautiful world and make it more beautiful is quite the feat.  I am so in love with this artist and his art.  I am in love with the earth.  I am in love with how he edits the earth.


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