Andy Goldsworthy



newly flowered

none as yet turned to seed

undamaged by the wind or rain

a grass verge between dual carriageways

Neat West Bretton, Yorkshire – 28 April, 1987

(not sure if this is the actual title)

I was in awe of all of Andy Goldsworthy’s works. The way he manipulates nature and uses its natural beauty to create other-worldly art is amazing. I also like that many of his works center on a dark circle. It was very hard for me to pick just one piece to focus on. However, I chose this one because when I saw it I was immediately reminded of my childhood. I remembered being outside in bright green grass, weaving dandelions into necklaces and crowns, and searching for four leaf clovers. It made me feel overwhelmingly happy and nostalgic. Although his other works didn’t leave me with negative emotions, this was the only one that made me feel happy. This piece is beautiful in its simplicity. 


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