Andy Goldsworthy image stood out from Goldsworthy’s other works. He builds compositions that build off natural shapes of plants and landscapes. He usually makes man made objects that mimic nature, in this picture he uses natural objects to create objects that look very man-made and unnatural. While the shapes in the foreground kind of look like spider webs, they are made with rigidly with fairly strait lines in an intentional looking pattern. They feel like they dont just belong in the image naturally. The two horizontal halves of this piece are mirror images. The stick structures are also half submerged, making the other visible half a reflection. The trees reflecting of the banks makes the landscape appear like a body of water with two banks, like a bay. Reflection is deffinately a theme in this picture. Goldsworthy usually only uses unnatural looking photographic effects sparingly, sometimes tinting his photos, but this image unsubtly uses film effects. There is a photograph piece Goldsworthy did below my post that he used to make a kind of pressed collage.


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