Andy Goldsworty

Waking up Water


I appreciate a lot of aspects of Goldworthy’s work. One thing I like is how he works with the land to create art. He changes something small to give the effect of a hidden bit of magic and mystery. I also like how he uses objects, which are found in the natural world, but uses shapes that are not found often in nature, like concentric circles or squares. I enjoy the fact that this art is ephemeral. The photo will last forever, but the art itself will be destroyed by nature. It is also created in a space, where not even the artist can take ownership of it. He has to leave it, and anyone or anything can come along and admire it, or destroy it. I think it is beautiful to create art in that way. I wonder if he would still make this art if there were no way to capture it forever, as in a photograph.


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