Ana Mendieta


Heart of Rock with Blood, 1975

This piece by Ana Mendieta looks to me as if it is land art, feminist art, and performance art bundled into one. Well known for  being a feminist, as I look at this photo I feel as if she is attempting to comment on a women’s place in the world from her perspective. Her silhouette is there, but her actual body is removed- just as women have a place in society but are simultaneously removed from certain aspects of it. Mendieta clearly chose the female figure as the center of this piece, but removed her actual body from the male gaze. I feel as if she left the bleeding heart within the figure to symbolize her despair in regards to the way she believes the way women are viewed. She also leaves the arms and hands open, and it almost looks as if someone is attempting to surrender, which is sort of showing the opposite of how she feels women should live in the world. I think this is a great feminist piece that feels empowering and also saddening at the same time.


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