Sweating Blood, 1973



Ana Mendieta reminds me of Frida Kahlo. The raw and unforgiving femininity is humbling and disturbing. I love it. Although I love the work where Ana Mendieta is honoring/displaying the female form, this image struck me. I am not sure why… maybe it is the calmness in her face, but violent innuendos of the blood running down her forehead. She looks solemn and at peace. Maybe it is a commentary on violence towards women and the unwilling silence that has protected women for generations. I have always been a fan of dark and disturbing images and ideas. This image gives a glimpse into the darkness that is her thoughts and is likely a part of every women’s thoughts. The darkness feels empowering and the honesty feels like a breath of fresh air. I guess I can find something to relate to in her facial expression.


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