Richard Walker

Richard Walker, Monkeys 2014

Overall I really don’t like this artist’s style of painting. As much as I try I have little appreciation for abstract art (I know I’m uncultured). This kind of style just looks sloppy to me. I chose this particular painting, though because I think the figures are interesting. The expressions are all sort of morose and I’m not sure why. There seems to be a bit of story here as to who these people are and their relationship to each other. The painting is called “Monkeys,”  and I have no idea why. I watched a video of Walker talking about his work, because I don’t feel like I have a lot of insight into this. He said in the video he wants to be as inventive as possible, like how Picasso would push the image as far as possible like in a face for example having two eyes and a nose, but making a creative landscape at the same time. I don’t like the aesthetic product of these ideas, but I can appreciate the ideas themselves.


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