Richard Walker

Inteligent Building

Intelligent Building 2010

The first thing that drew me to this painting was the color. I find green-blue shades very soothing and appealing. This work has a lot of different textures that are easy to gloss over at first, but upon closer examination reveal a further depth to the painting. I think the title of the work fits very well, particularly because of the white lines that intersect at a circle. This make me think of laser scanning. It seems like the building in scanning and processing its surroundings. The abstract nature of the building itself makes it appear as though it is shifting its shape and design, perhaps in response to the surroundings that it is processing. When I looked at this painting I kept thinking about artificial intelligence and the progress we have made with technology and computers. I was so focused on the building and the white lines, that I almost didn’t notice the sequence of sauces in the top right corner that remind me of a printer test page. I am curious as to the implied meaning of the squares. 


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