Richard Walker


Beacon Road Painting

This piece reminds me of my family’s lake house in Buffalo, NY. There is a section out near the lake where there are minimal trees but you can see a huge mountain behind the lake. It especially looks amazing when the sun is setting, because it gives the snow a sort of pinkish-yellowish color. This painting takes me back to the path leading up to the lake in the sunset. I also love the one white tree in the front, it stands out from the others and I can imagine myself being that tree and looking off into the distance. Walker makes it look easy painting this scene, with a few strokes of his brush he can create trees, snow, a path, a mountain, and a sun- and thats all that really needs to be there. I love his simplicity and if we could redraw our “place” drawings but have them anywhere, I would surely draw this spot out. I thank him for giving me this little reminder, and its a beautiful piece!


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