Richard Walker


Try as I might, I could not find the name of this painting, as all links led to a collection of his work posted nameless on Pinterest, but it was the only piece that caught my eye which came up under a search for Richard Walker’s art. The closest I got to a name was “Urban.”

I like his use of focal point in this piece. The various lines on top of the cityscape appear to liken the urban lifestyle to a complex matrix. However, he singles out a couple of figures in the far distance with the continuity of the lines being intercepted with a circle outlining the space around the two figures. Its like a reticle, targeting the two people in the huge cement jungle, drawing the viewer’s eyes in and making them the focal point, while still allowing appreciation for the expanse of city stretching outward in the center of the picture.

There also appears to be another circular reticle placed in the rather inky, smoggy-looking sky, far out of the normal line of sight. Could this be a statement of how small and smudged life is in the city, when compared to the overwhelming mass and size of the city itself? Its a slightly dark theme to interpret from such a gorgeous picture. The lights of the city and the rainy cement steals my mind away from the more pessimistic interpretation. Aesthetic wins over sentiment for me in this one; which in itself may also mirror the lackadaisical mindset of the portrayed city folk: “Yeah, this place is massive and not the cleanest, but man are the city lights pretty.”


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