Richard Walker- Fireplace and Shadow

fireplace and shadow

This dude’s stuff is interesting. It’s like a lot of common things you might see on a day to day basis but juxtaposed into a situation you wouldn’t see it in. Like in the piece I chose there is a staircase, a couple chairs, and a fireplace. The chairs don’t look like they’re in a realistic position though. They kind of float around the room. The staircase doesn’t look like it goes anywhere and if it did it doesn’t look nearly large enough for anyone to walk around in. I also feel like I can see more of the mantel and fireplace then I should at that angle. However, the whole piece reads off as a normal scene in an abnormal position. Each piece is a little off kilter but you still know for the most part what it is. It give me a comfy feeling of disordered order. As if I’m a couple beers in and the world is starting to get that protective fuzziness. I know it’s not what it seems, but what it seems is good enough for me.


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