Richard T Walker

rock thiing

this as determined by these #2, 2016

I really enjoyed looking at all of Richard T. Walker’s work. I think he captured what it feels like to stand in front of a scene in nature and feel tiny and insignificant. I also found his work very aesthetically pleasing because of the way he neatly lined up natural landscapes or objects with something he produced. Although one was natural and the other fabricated, the pieces seem to go together. I chose this particular piece because it has a much smaller scale than some of his other works, but still has the satisfying, “puzzle pieces fitting together” effect. I also appreciated the choice in framing with the darker frame outlining the drawing, and the lighter frame around the photo of the rock. His work is simple, but moving. In this work it seems as though he is giving greater meaning and more power to the simple rock by combining it with a mountaintop. 


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