Richard T. Walker


Contemporary Austin

I chose this piece by Richard T. Walker because it is fascinating to me, at first I was confused as to why he was putting a picture of the scene in front of it, but upon closer examination it seems as if a section of a different mountain has been placed in front of the mountains he is currently looking at. I also question the use of the tripods and what look like speakers or something? A part of me feels like he combines technology with nature to create a different view of it. I think the flow the mountains have even though they are different is quite pretty to look at, and I like that he also places himself in his work, maybe to say that the combination of technology and nature can only be done by man or something. On a different note, I read an article about how some guy buys out billboards and puts pictures of what they are blocking on them. Its pretty cool, and kind of reminds me of Walkers work for some reason. Maybe its just the whole photo in front of a landscape thing. Here’s the link.


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