Richard T. Walker

richard t walker 4[3].jpg

I chose this piece for the canvas’ function in creating a disconnect in the landscape, but preserving a consistency within the weather as a result. It appears the stream in front of the projected subject is dry on the canvas, and the sky is continuously blue. In contrast, the actual stream has returned full of water, and the actual weather appears to be split symmetrically across the sky between a sparsely cloudy blue and an ominously overcast grey. This odd-looking natural phenomenon is entirely disregarded by the weather at the time the canvas’ portrayed landscape was produced, which appears to be mostly blue, while still blending in with the cloudy blue half of the sky.

There is a continuity in the canvas portrayal of the landscape, but a stark lack of realism in contrast between the true-to-life experience of being in a landscape and merely beholding a snapshot moment. This statement, I reason, is being emphasized by the artist standing behind canvas facing the landscape, where the canvas itself does not take into account the human presently standing behind it, truly experiencing the portrayed place.


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