Bas Jan Ader

Image result for Bas Jan Ader art

I am absolutely in love with this artist.  Holy shit.  Excuse my language. This artist….captures depression.  He has successfully captured the feeling depression gives.  It was so hard to choose only one but this one truly captures the feeling.  It’s like you’re always waiting for the inevitable…for that feeling to come back, for something bad to happen.  It’s the feeling of a rabbit unexpectedly entering a trap.  Waiting to be snared.  He is me.  I am waiting for the stick to fall.  I am waiting for today’s gust of wind to set me off, to trap me in my depression.  I am unknowingly sipping my tea, biding my time.  Tomorrow, I will set the stick up again, waiting for a new trap to capture me.  Perhaps tomorrow it will not.  Perhaps I will be spared another day.  I will be able to function.  Or maybe I will be caught.

His other pictures show eventual situations; riding your bike into the river, ready to fall over onto a street, waiting to fall off a roof, lying in the middle of a road…I think these all capture the feeling of depression….it is the feeling of eventuality.  Everything is eventual, and I knew eventually I’d end up here.


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