Sever Neaton

Sever Neaton - Harvest.png

Harvest – 48″ x 48″ Acrylic and ink on wood panel

I chose this painting because it was the only piece out of all of the ones I viewed by Neaton that I did not actively question “What the hell is going on?” in the least productive way possible. With all of his other pieces, I was incredibly perplexed to what the underlying meanings were, and they all seemed too complex to decypher.

I am sure this painting also has a hidden meaning with the particularly militant figure as the central focal point, and I still don’t understand it. However, in this painting, I do not mind that I do not understand it. The perception of a field of red flowers, perhaps poppies, is very aesthetically pleasing. The blue color of the field is not realistic, and neither are the circles/dots for stalks or leaves, yet it is all incredibly soothing to look at, and very easy for the brain to abstract into a field of flora. The presence and interaction of the human figure adds texture and definition to the contents of the field, even though it demands being the subject (as is likely intentional) and takes attention away from the field itself (which I personally choose to favor for its beauty and psychological creative license).


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