Severn Eaton, Faith-Base


This art is serious, yet satirical. We see what looks like a holy man of some sort, or a devout follower of some spiritual practice, texting (I think?) as fighter jets fly above. This shows the relationships we have in the contemporary world with faith, technology, and violence. I think he is wearing bandanas on his arms to symbolize some sort of unity with a political group. There is a CD next to him, which actually seems outdated to me. And despite all of the very modern and maybe potentially controversial (?) items around, he is sitting on a prayer rug. Blood splatters seem to adorn the sky, or wall, behind him.


I am finding myself questioning a lot of my observations when looking at this piece, which is probably why I like it. It also represents the confusing conflicts society has with the balance amongst spirituality, technology, and violence. This piece particularly reminds me of the Asheville-based artist, Dustin Spagnola. Its commentary on political and cultural norms is blatantly obvious. But there is a lot of room for interpretation. I’m not sure how to feel or think about it. Do I agree with the statement being made? I’m not sure. I think it is identifying a very present human condition. How do we juggle the complete access to information through the web, while maintaining our connection with a higher power (or whatever you believe), and fighting for what we believe in? How do they coexist? I don’t really know the answer to any of these questions. But this piece by Severn Eaton makes me think of all this.


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