“Juicy” by Severn Eaton

Image result for severn eaton art


I chose this painting because it reminded me of my time in Kenya.  While there is a large part of Africa that is wealthy, and many people embrace their culture, we are trying to white wash much of the world.  This picture is original heritage integrating western culture, and to me that is sad.  Cultural clothing, hair styles, and head wraps are gorgeous, as well as everyday activities such as carrying a baby in a sling instead of a $400 stroller.  In Kenya I saw so much beauty and simplicity in the every day lives of people, in the culture and dress.  I hate how the standard is becoming over priced clothes that will be out of style in a week, adoring fake people (ex. Kardashians), and flaunting wealth.  We forget who we really are, where we came from, and put ourselves in debt all to fit in with others.


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