Severn Eaton: Oil Map

severn eaton oil map

I really like this piece. A lot of the sculptures that I saw by Eaton seemed to have political messages, and this one is no exception! To me this piece is a criticism of the high value we put on oil. Wars are fought over oil, and we are willing to destroy the planet in order to get it. We put oil before the environment and human lives. The fact that Eaton included a stream of motor oil down the wall symbolizes to me that we are draining the world of its oil. It almost reminds me of a streak of blood or a tear, like it is a symbol for the suffering of the world. Also since the continents are drawn on the inside of the funnel, I think the piece represents how a lot of corporation leaders view the world–as nothing more than a vessel out of which they can get oil for profit, and everything they do inside of this system is just a means to that end.


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