Connemara Sculpture, Ireland 1971


I went to Connemara and watched the grey birds speckle the

Bruised clouds migrating slow, Great, and powerful, like jurassic raptors, across the sinking sun

I saw her ancient skeletal frame she was a slinking serpent folding her

Placental form around a lopsided brain– and I remember the

Grass, dark and oceanic that day and

There were shy violets freckling what I think was her mouth

And on that mountain I felt an even greater pull to know

Her portal, the cave of story

A feeling only known by snake to charmer who yearns to be

Consumed by his counterpart

The conversation of killer to savior, I decided to

Let her feed upon my flesh

My bones would meet her teeth

She would sink me deep

And I would wait ecstatic to be bitten.


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