Richard Long

POST liked Smoky Arc warli tribal land maharashtra india 2003.jpg

Smoky Arc; warli tribal land maharashtra india 2003

Although I will be presenting on him in my group, I would not consider myself a fan of most of Richard Long’s pieces. I love his concept however, in practice, rather than in artistic appreciation. Walking out into nature and making art with its parts for personal appreciation is a very therapeutic practice. However, I feel simplistic works like walking through a landscape do not quite qualify as art unless aesthetically appealing in some creative pattern of sorts. Just calling something “art”, in my opinion, does not immediately justify just anything as art.

I chose this piece because although the creation appears simple, I enjoy the aesthetic visual it created. It’s only burning landscape at the foot of a tree, but it looks so cool! To me, it appears to be the shadow of the tree leaking out of the second dimension into reality, oozing through the ground like blackened napalm and burning the third dimension by its presence. Does it have a deep hidden meaning to me? Not that I can tell. It just looks awesome within my imaginary context!


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