Richard Long

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This piece is called ‘A Line in the Himalayas’. The simplicity of this picture appealed to me. The landscape is plenty of visual stimulation, and the unnatural alterations of the rocks only accentuate natural features. It suggest motion, or trailing upwards. I really like mountains, and this image features a variety of interesting land features. There are pieces of glacier off to the side leading up a ridge-line overlooking two prominent peaks. One feature of a lot of Long’s work is that it is very simple and minimal, but done with extreme care and minute detail. I see that in his rock paths/bridges sculptures, where the detail in the perfect strait lines and shapes is flawless. It took a lot of work to get to the place where this image was taken. It blows my mind he did it with a bunch of 1970s camera equipment strung on to a rope team up several thousand feet. The white and grey of the mountain contrasts harshly with the sky, making them seem less colored, and the sky deeper. Its hard to tell when this picture was taken, but I’ll guess mid-morning, which adds that sort of hazy indirect lighting and lack of shadow.


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