Andrea Zittel



Ok so I chose this photo because it’s pretty much one of her only works that actually “interacts” with the land.  I don’t really like her work I feel like she’s not an artist but rather an architect.  That’s not to say architects aren’t artists but I feel like she isn’t really.  Like okay her house/bungalow/structures are super futuristic squares and domes I don’t find them to be anything special. I just feel a little pissed off looking at her stuff (??) I don’t know.  I don’t see it as art.  I see it as a potentially super pretentious person standing a piece of metal in a field and being praised for it. Like you just ruined a perfectly good field. I don’t see how she really interacts with the land besides building stuff on it.  I’m getting way too worked up over this but I just don’t see it as art.


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