A-Z Management and Maintenance Unit; Model 003 – 1992

Andrea Zittel, A-Z Management & Maintenance Unit; Model 003

I like the living spaces she designed and built. They are minimalist but still looks good. Most people our age are in apartments or dorms at this point in their life. Maximizing space and utility but still keeping it nice is a problem we all deal with. I like these particularly because its a fusion of productivity and creativity. A lot of art that we come into contact with are useful only in their appearance. These works are functional as well and involved multiple design and construction elements. It also just reminds me of my own living situation. Last year I was in a ’76 Holiday Rambler which I traded up for a ’07 Dutchman (both RV’s). The rambler was considerably smaller but it reminds me of this picture. You could lay in bed, wash your hands in the sink, and reach the kitchen stove all in one go.


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