Andrea Zittel



I really want to like Andrea Zittel’s work. But in all honesty, her sculptural office spaces and living spaces that are installed in natural surroundings feel very cubicle-ish to me. I don’t like that. It doesn’t feel like the right structure for the landscapes she is immersed in. But then again, maybe that is the point. And me liking it or not is really not what matters. It is the message. Perhaps, we are living in a cubicle world circumposed in our natural surroundings.

These structures also remind me of the whole little house movement. I love the idea of living in a tiny little house that I can easily move around to new surroundings. The structures are also very cool and modern. They represent contemporary society quite well, but there is an element of simplicity to it. Maybe that represents a need for simplicity in life and letting go of materialism? I am not sure if that is the point of her work. They are certainly functional structures, which I like. But, again, kinda cubicle-ish.


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