Andrea Zittel


I found this work to be dynamic because of the juxtaposition of the scene and the room it’s in. I love that the ceiling looks like a warehouse which is very rigid and structural, but the walls look like country home wallpaper. Then this white landscape left me almost confused because there is no real element of life to it for me. It looks both bland and separated from nature while also emulating a snowy scene that hasn’t been touched by people. It captured extremes for me that I think we have spoken about a lot throughout this course where what is displayed in the artwork contradicts its meaning/effect on the natural world. The bare, rustic feel to it around the edges really creates a play of hard and soft that I enjoy. It almost feels like a setup they would have in a camping store where there could be a shoe display or something on the fake terrain that signifies the opposite of nature when you think about it. A lot of her work made me think of camping store fake scenes set up and I actually liked it but couldn’t place why exactly. Probably the same reason I love plastic fake food. It’s just interesting to duplicate natural existing things in fake man-made materials, because really why?


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