ARTS 310.009

Carmichael 104

T 2-4:30

Instructor: Michael Iauch

Office Hours: T 1-2 by appointment only


This is an Arts and Ideas course which fulfills the 3 credit ARTS requirement. A student who completes 3.0 credits of ARTS will be able to do the following:


  1. Articulate the value of the arts studied and their impact on the self and others.
  2. Recognize cultural, historical, spiritual, and/or political aspects of the arts studied.
  3. Define and articulate the concepts, methods, and organizing principles of the arts studied.


Course Description

How can culture transform the way we experience nature? In this studio-based course students will create individual artworks based on direct experiences with the natural world. We will get dirty drawing and sculpting with mud, charcoal, and rocks as well as creating works in video and performance. Studio projects will be combined with readings and the study of contemporary art to examine how themes of politics, spirituality, and history intertwine with the natural world.


Course Requirements

Project Assignments (4 total) – 60% (15% each)

Each project assignment has its own requirements. Details about each assignment will be given in advance. Projects will be graded on all aspects including concept, planning, and craftsmanship.


Participation & Attendance – 25%
Students will be graded on their participation as well as attendance in the class. The participation grade will account for the “sketchbook,” class discussions, blog postings*, and artistic research. Attendance is mandatory. Your grade will be adjusted downward for more than two absences. Three tardies count as an absence. If you are absent for your critique or another students critique you fail that assignment. During discussions, all students are expected to participate in the conversation without excessive prompting.


Student Presentations – 10%

Students will partner up and be assigned an artist to give a collaborative 10-minute presentation on. The presentation should include biography, but more importantly well-developed personal reactions to the artist’s work. You will need to share with class, in your own words, your opinions about the work and its relevance.


Final Event – 5%

To be determined


* To facilitate in-class discussion following student presentations, I have created a class blog. During presentation weeks, ALL students will be required to post an image of the assigned artist’s work and a one to two sentence personal reaction to it. These posts will be due before class during presentation weeks.


Required Materials

9” x 12” Sketchbook

HB 2B 4B drawing pencils

Kneaded eraser, white vinyl eraser

22” x 30” Rives bfk paper (1 sheet)

8gb thumb drive



Cheap Joe’s – 829 Riverside Dr #120, Asheville, NC 28801

UNCA Bookstore – Highsmith Center, (251-6416)

Henco Drafting Supply – 251 Haywood St. (253-0449)

A.C. Moore, River Ridge Shopping Center, 800 Fairview Rd., Asheville (299-0777)

Michaels, 111 River Hills Rd., Asheville (299-0183)



Academic Misconduct: The UNCA policy concerning academic misconduct will be followed if wrongdoing

is suspected. Plagiarism is of particular concern in this class and will not be tolerated. When completing

an outside writing assignment for this class, a student must cite all the sources used whether from a book, a printed article or an electronic resource found on the web. Working together in study groups is certainly encouraged. Submitting the same answers, written analysis, or identical ideas is not. Learn together but think / write on your own. Please see The Faculty Handbook Section 8.3.1 and 2 on “Rights and Responsibilities.”

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: University of North Carolina at Asheville is committed to making courses, programs and activities accessible to persons with documented disabilities. Students requiring reasonable accommodations must register with the Office of Academic Accessibility by providing supporting documentation. All information provided will remain confidential. For more information please contact the Office of Academic Accessibility at (828) 232-5050 or or visit them in the OneStop Student Services Center.

Preventing Sexual Harassment:

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational program or activity that receives federal funds. The act is intended to eliminate sex discrimination in education. Title IX covers discrimination in programs, admissions, activities, and student-to-student sexual harassment. UNC Asheville’s policy against sexual harassment extends not only to employees of the University but to students as well.  If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender based discrimination, please talk to any University Responsible Employee – which includes most Faculty and Staff — who will report the incident; contact Dr. Jill Moffit, UNC Asheville’s Title IX Administrator, at (828)232-5658; or report anonymously at  For more information regarding Title IX  and resources concerning sexual harassment and its prevention please visit: .


Internet: I will use email to communicate with you. There is a Moodle page where assignments, articles, links and other information pertaining to our section will be posted. Plan to check email regularly. Your assigned UNCA email address is the address I will use; if you usually use a different address, please make arrangements to have your UNCA mail forwarded to that address.


Phones: Please silence phones before class, and do not have them out during class. Students who cannot comply will be marked absent.





Course Schedule (tentative)


January 17: Syllabus, Intros, drawing experiment, Presentation assignments. HW-Damian Stamer blog post

January 24: Damian Stamer skype. Have materials purchased. Drawing exercises. Composition workshop. Homework- Hudson River School blog post

January 31: Hudson River School presentation. Demo non-traditional material. HW-Timothy O’ Sullivan blog post.

February 7: Timothy O’ Sullivan presentation. Open lab

February 14: Crit Project 1, Assign Project 2, HW-Andy Goldsworthy post

February 21: Andy Goldsworthy presentation, sculpture workshop. HW-Ana Mendieta post

February 28: Ana Mendieta presentation. screenings, Open lab

March 7: Crit project 2, Assign project 3, HW-Richard Walker post

March 14: NO CLASS (Spring Break)

Match 21: HANG SHOW IN LIBRARY. Richard T Walker presentation.  HW-Bas Jan Ader post

March 28: Performance Workshop. Bas Jan Ader presentation. small group idea workshop

April 4:  Media Lab/ video editing workshop,

April 11: Crit Project 3. HW- Severn Eaton post

April 18: Workshop with Severn Eaton.  HW-Richard Long post.

April 25: Richard long presentation. Collaborative Workshop HW- Andrea Zittel post.

May 2: Andrea Zittel presentation. Collaborative Workshop

May 9: Final Event (11:30am-2pm)