Andrea Zittel

I didn’t really understand or like much of her work. I picked this piece because it made me think about when people go camping, and instead of connecting to nature they stay in metal boxes. Also the mat that looks like grass in interesting. I’ve definitely seen people at the beach put a mat down on top of sand or grass. 68a055a709592c223e8b265defd97781.jpg


Battle Hymn

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.36.45 PM

I think that this is beautiful and eerie- at the same time. Which is what drew me to it when I was looking at his work. I wonder what these two people are feeling during the battle hymn… power? anger? fear? I also like that their voices or breath take up space …sort of like a third person in the painting.

Broek Fall(Geometric)

I  like how his movements started out mimicking the movement of the tall grass in the wind. I  also like the hesitation is his movement before falling to his side… I think it shows how ones body tries to compensate for more weight on one side of the body and prevent the act of falling, even though he is planning his fall. I felt his hesitation… like how I feel before doing a trust fall when I believe that I will be caught. Here he knows that he is going to fall and that his fall won’t really be broken. I felt like I was a part of this video and this experience while I was waiting for him to fall, or not fall.


I admire the drawing of the mountain by itself. It reminds me of the first day of class when we drew the upside down mountain and I became aware of all of its details. I also like how the drawing is placed over the photograph of the actual mountain…  the way the orange line around the drawing almost looks like light being projected onto it rather than drawn around it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about his hand in the image… I thought it broke it up but his hand sort of gives me an idea of his adventure in creating this piece. I can picture him standing there trying to line everything up and really taking part in this creation.



It feels like she is becoming one with with nature while surrendering to it at the same time. I love the texture she has created with the mud and grass on her feet, hips, and legs- she seems rooted in the dirt just like the tree. In a way this reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy… although I think he would have added different natural elements to the tree but they both use a natural scene + an added natural element… I like that she has added herself. Sometimes, It seems like humans are only in nature to disrupt it and not interact with it.

Alder branches from a bridge in Dumfriesshire, in Scotland, stream (Jan 17, 2014)


This is so beautiful- I like how it looks like it could almost be a natural structure…like he took a cue from beavers and made a human beaver dam. The bridge seems to flow out of the stream and I can imagine what the rest of it would be like, if it went throughout the whole stream. I also like how the motion of the water becomes blurry but the branch bridge is striking and powerful. Apple wishes their natural backgrounds looked this good.

1867, Crab’s Claw Peak, Western Nevada


This photograph actually makes me sort of uncomfortable. At first, I noticed the texture from the rocks and the lighting and I thought it was a pile of bodies-from the war. I’m not sure I would have thought the rocks were bodies if I hadn’t seen Timothy O’Sullivan’s other work. Besides being intrigued by my own misconception…I do really appreciate the textured that was captured. I  like how the texture peters out and looks softer because of the distance. I can’t imagine what sort of photograph I would have been able to take in 1867… I would like to know more about his camera and his whole process.