Andrea Zittel

Image result for andrea zittel I chose this image because I found the geometric shapes very interesting. The complexity of this piece comes from the geometric simplicity, and sometimes being able to create something  that is simple yet aesthetically complex  is sometimes harder than creating a piece of art that looks very complex. I am not sure what the artist wanted to say with this piece but maybe she wanted to make a comment on the need for more simplicity in a world that is full of capitalist greed trying to sell you unnecessary stuff.



Image result for richard long artist I chose this image because it spoke to me the most and it reminds me of a zen circle. The circle is usually used as a symbol of oneness and the universe, the erratic nature of this image  makes me think that the artist is trying to show that, yes, life can go smooth but often times life can become erratic and that nature/ life is both calm and wrathful. The share size of this painting must make it something quite glorious to look at. Overall I think that this image is talking about the unexpected things that pop up in life.

Image result for severn eatonI chose this picture because it spoke to me aesthetically, and I find it a bit ironic that her track suit says juicy but her gluteus is not really that juicy. On a deeper note, the way the figure is positioned she looks like she is looking into the future, maybe the painting is about a young mother who is in an important stage in her life and now has to seriously contemplate what she is going to do because now she can’t just think about herself she has two mouths to feed now. Also the orange background creates a very warm and comforting feel. I think that this background adds to the motherly theme of this painting because the sense of warmth also adds to the sense of comfort that generally goes along with thoughts about ones mother.

Bas Jan

Image result for Bas Jan AderI chose this image because it feels really nostalgic to me. Especially with all the grainy effect. The way the picture is taken as if we were on a path, destiny, or memory and we are just observing, contemplating about reaching the end. I also like the way that the guy is tilt, like he is falling but some invisible matter is keeping him from falling, for some reason it reminds me of something Charlie Chaplin would do. Maybe he is saying that he feels like he is falling in life or wants to fall, but something is just keeping him afloat.

Richard T. Walker

Richard Walker

Related image

I chose this image because it instantly caught my attention. The perspective used for the buildings and the undefined look make it look like your being sucked into the future. This combined with the red, yellow and aqua marine colours give this painting a real dystopian and futuristic feel.Especially with the white light, it makes me think of being blinded whilst walking into a new dimension.

Timothey O’Sullivan

Image result for Timothy O’SullivanI chose this picture because it is of a Native American and it is good to give respect to the original people of this land. Because this picture was taken in a side profile it looks like he is having a long contemplation, daydreaming of distant lands. That is what drew me to this picture, the contemplative aspect of it. It is also interesting to see the contradictions of that time, he is wearing European clothes yet he is still keeping his traditions, as can be seen by him holding the bow and arrow.