Andrea Zittel



Lay Of My Land, 2011

I chose this piece because it was one of the few amongst several works of hers focusing on fabrics and patterns that actually involved the environment, and I enjoy this one as an artistic representation of the land. I enjoy the aesthetic of a solid color (especially black or white) being used to make a solid landscape or a background on which to form the heart of a piece. I like this piece in particular for its wide representational expanse of land, it’s detail of rockslides and little houses, and its resemblance to stop-motion claymation films. It has what my mind classifies as “a dollhouse twilight zone” feel, and I love it. It’s cute, visually interesting, and eerie at the same time.


Andrea Zittel



Ok so I chose this photo because it’s pretty much one of her only works that actually “interacts” with the land.  I don’t really like her work I feel like she’s not an artist but rather an architect.  That’s not to say architects aren’t artists but I feel like she isn’t really.  Like okay her house/bungalow/structures are super futuristic squares and domes I don’t find them to be anything special. I just feel a little pissed off looking at her stuff (??) I don’t know.  I don’t see it as art.  I see it as a potentially super pretentious person standing a piece of metal in a field and being praised for it. Like you just ruined a perfectly good field. I don’t see how she really interacts with the land besides building stuff on it.  I’m getting way too worked up over this but I just don’t see it as art.

Richard Long

richard long

This piece reminds me of the dirt drawings we did in class. I like that it looks like it was done with his hands. It seems like maybe he had the edges of the rectangle taped to give the straight edge appearance. As much as I like certain aspects of this piece, however, I don’t think it really comes through in photograph and kind of just looks like wallpaper. I wish the piece was not so uniform. I love the idea of dirt as a material, but I think the subject matter still needs to be interesting. This piece, like a lot of the pieces I looked at by Long sits somewhere between art and just showcasing nature for me. I know art means a lot of different things to different people, and we can define it many ways, but it is sort of frustrating to see something so simple and accept it as art.

Richard Long

Image result for richard long

This piece is called ‘A Line in the Himalayas’. The simplicity of this picture appealed to me. The landscape is plenty of visual stimulation, and the unnatural alterations of the rocks only accentuate natural features. It suggest motion, or trailing upwards. I really like mountains, and this image features a variety of interesting land features. There are pieces of glacier off to the side leading up a ridge-line overlooking two prominent peaks. One feature of a lot of Long’s work is that it is very simple and minimal, but done with extreme care and minute detail. I see that in his rock paths/bridges sculptures, where the detail in the perfect strait lines and shapes is flawless. It took a lot of work to get to the place where this image was taken. It blows my mind he did it with a bunch of 1970s camera equipment strung on to a rope team up several thousand feet. The white and grey of the mountain contrasts harshly with the sky, making them seem less colored, and the sky deeper. Its hard to tell when this picture was taken, but I’ll guess mid-morning, which adds that sort of hazy indirect lighting and lack of shadow.


Image result for richard long artist I chose this image because it spoke to me the most and it reminds me of a zen circle. The circle is usually used as a symbol of oneness and the universe, the erratic nature of this image  makes me think that the artist is trying to show that, yes, life can go smooth but often times life can become erratic and that nature/ life is both calm and wrathful. The share size of this painting must make it something quite glorious to look at. Overall I think that this image is talking about the unexpected things that pop up in life.

A Circle in the Andes -1972

I like that this piece relies mostly on the natural beauty of the landscape. The only hint that anyone is there is the placed stone circle. In some ways it seems like an intrusion or disruption. Like it isn’t supposed to be there. At the same time it brings the piece a little warmth. The sense of knowing I’m not alone here, under the intimidating mountain and in this vast expanse. The black and white really helps show the contrast between the top 1/3 and bottom 2/3. The scattered snow packs helps subtly blend the two together.

Richard Long


Richard Long’s work reminds me a lot of one of my favorite artists we’ve studied this semester, Andy Goldsworthy. I love how all these parts come together to make a really interesting image. Even though the pieces of stone are irregularly sized, together they produce a perfectly geometric shape/ pattern. Simple and complicated at the same time.