Project 1

Art Making with the Land

Spring 2016


First Project Timeline



  • drawing exercises – find your spot
  • Composition workshop – Choose a landscape composition (group spot) on UNCA campus as a class.
  • Damian Stamer skype. HW-Hudson River School post



  • Bring a picture of your spot to class (printout or on laptop/tablet) We will work on a graphite drawing of your spot in class. HW – timothy o Sullivan post.


  • Bring a picture of your section of the group spot to class (printout or on laptop/tablet) – I will send you the image via email. Dirt drawing of the group spot in class


  • Drawings Due. Critique of project 1





  • Rives BFK 22×30
  • Sketchbook
  • Graphite drawing pencils HB 2B 4B
  • Kneaded eraser, art gum eraser




For the first drawing, find a spot on campus that you feel personally connected to. The spot should be a place you feel comfortable spending time alone. Take a photograph of this spot. Think carefully about how you compose the image, you will use this photograph as a reference image to create your drawing.


For the second drawing, we will find a landscape composition on campus we want to draw as a class. I will take a HI-Resolution photograph and divide it into 18 separate images. Each student will be given a section of the image to draw using dirt. For critique we will re-assemble the composition.


This is an art class for non-majors. Our primary goal is to spend time engaged in the process of art making and to consider how this process might alter our relationship with our surroundings.