Project 3

Performance in Nature


For the next three weeks you will do a performance several times per week that explores your relationship with the natural world.


What is performance?


  • Not theatre. not acting. Not making a video.
  • An action which is documented


This week everyone will “sketch” at least 3 different ideas for your project. These will be due next Tuesday 3/28. Have the videos on your phone. After an in class critique, you will chose one idea for your final series of performances. When designing the structure of your performance, consider how you can use repetition to develop your idea.


“structure” – what are the variables? What are the constants?

Place, dress, time of day, mood, props,


The structure should give the performances enough consistency to be seen as parts of a whole. You will document your performances with video. You may use your phones or a video camera. Make sure to use a horizontal or landscape orientation when recording. You will likely need to use a tripod or plan on having a friend record for you.


At the end of your project you will edit the video documentation of your performances together so that they are viewed as one project composed of several parts. This final edited video will be 5-10 minutes max.



  • Complete a minimum of 9 performances
  • No added (non-diagetic) audio
  • No special video effects
  • Turn in an edited .mov or .mp4 file on a thumb drive


Some things to consider:


  • Be consistent in your video documentation so that you can weave the performances together later. i.e. set up the shot in a similar manner every time


  • Do not get behind. Do a few performances every week.


  • Be realistic. Let the repetition be the ambition.




3/21 – Assign project, bring bucket to class and dress to be outside and possibly get wet.

3/28 – performance workshop

4/4 – media lab orientation

4/11 – Crit project 3